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The Arts


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SVAC has released its Virtual Music Panorama, a curated collection of micro concerts performed in a concert hall setting, at the Hammer Theatre, while complying with all safety standards during production including distancing, group size and adhering to all guidelines and restrictions.  

SVAC Arts Panorama


The Silicon Valley Arts Coalition aims to unite regional performance groups and create a community for artistic collaboration.  We aim to create a home base for the long time Silicon Valley arts-lover, provide welcoming events for newcomers, and inspire all ages to appreciate the arts. 


Featured Group- San Jose Chamber Music Society

Since 1986, the SJCMS has been featuring both professional chamber music by both local artists as well as artists from abroad. Audience are treated to breathtaking performances and often post-concert discussions with the artists themselves. The Society also supports chamber music appreciation events in several San Jose public schools and enable artist residency activities at San Jose State University.


  • Increase visibility and expand audiences for our  members.

  • Leverage individual members’ efforts to promote  the arts and arts education​

  • Foster communication -both artistic and  operational– among member groups 


Artist Bio-Beo String Quartet

Praised for their "supernatural one-ness of interpretive intent" (New York Concert Review), the Beo String Quartet is a daring genre-defying ensemble. They have 65 world premiers to their credit and have performed 140 concert works throughout the United States, South America, and Europe.

See them perform Bach's The Art of Fugue selections; Haydn's String Quartet in G Major, Op. 33; Shostakovich's String Quartet #8 in C Major, Op. 110; Ortiz's Mictlán from "Altar de Muertos"; Mazzoli's Enthusiasm Strategies; and Neukom's El Balcón.

Feb 10, 2024

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