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The Arts


SVAC has released its Virtual Music Panorama, a curated collection of micro concerts performed in a concert hall setting, at the Hammer Theatre, while complying with all safety standards during production including distancing, group size and adhering to all guidelines and restrictions.  

SVAC Arts Panorama


The Silicon Valley Arts Coalition aims to unite regional performance groups and create a community for artistic collaboration.  We aim to create a home base for the long time Silicon Valley arts-lover, provide welcoming events for newcomers, and inspire all ages to appreciate the arts. 


Featured Group- Lyric Theatre

Since 1972, Lyric Theatre has been delighting Silicon Valley audiences with light opera and musical productions.

Coming off a successful Summer Light Opera Festival, Lyric is in the midst of planning a Second Annual Opera Festival


  • Increase visibility and expand audiences for our  members.

  • Leverage individual members’ efforts to promote  the arts and arts education​

  • Foster communication -both artistic and  operational– among member groups 


Artist Bio-Daniel Cher

Daniel is appearing with the South Bay Philharmonic in March to perform Beethoven's Violin Concerto.

Daniel Cher is a multi-talented musician/MD. When not overseeing complex trials of pioneering medical equipment, he’s a gifted violinist, accordionist, and audio/video engineer.

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